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 Our Guiding Principle  
    • Commitment to our Customers - Our first priority is and always will be to our customers.

    • Integrity is Never Compromised - We are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct in our business practices and in our dealings with our community.

    • Employees are our Most Valuable Asset - Employees are our most important resource. They determine our corporate reputation through contacts with our customers, partners, and suppliers. They produce the company's success and provide all of us with a path for future growth.

    • Innovation is a Way of Life - We accept change as a rule, not an exception. We encourage creativity and recognize contribution to and achievement of results which enhance customer satisfaction, improve cost effectiveness, and strengthen profitability.

    • We must constantly challenge the status quo. Creation of change in the processes by which we operate and the products and services which we deliver is essential for competitive advantage.

    • Becoming the most efficient competitor in a very competitive industry provides us with the advantage that we need to sustain growth.

    • We will encourage initiative and participation, and we will be accountable for our results. We will also have fun in the process.

    • Quality in Everything We Do - We will strive to continually improve our quality, assuring industry leading customer satisfaction and loyalty. We must never be satisfied with. That's the way it is, but constantly be asking ourselves, Why can't it be done better?